Happy new year :)

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Frohes Neues oder  happy new year !!!!




I really need to say that this last month has been amazing.

Many things happened and I am so happy I could enjoy it here in Texas.

DSCN0093 RSCN0125



There was so much going on in December and I have collected so many new and beautiful experiences

that I would like to share with all of you.

Unfortunately, there are no German traditions, here in America.

That’s why I’ve decided  that my host family needs to see ours.

I enjoyed making an Advent calendar with candy and toys for my host sisters, they loved it.

They  have been really happy about it and even got up earlier so that they can open the little presents.


Typically, in America, there are Christmas parades and they are so cool.




Our church  decorated our own trailer this year.




We drove with our  trailer through the city and threw candy. That was fun.


It was a lot of fun, but our parade didn´t have a nice ending.

My host mother fell from our trailer and it  ran over her foot, now she is doing well again.

When this has happened, everyone jumped off the trailor and wanted to help her, but she could not move and was 15 minutes on the ground and it was very cold.

The whole parade had to be diverted and we went along with her to the Hospital.

I rode in a police car that was really cool, because I was not allowed to ride in an ambulance.


I  honestly need to say that American emergency rooms, are not as well maintained, as are ours.

Upon arrival in the emergency department, my host mother was treated and we went along with a friend of the family to  eat something.

My host mother broke her foot but she is doing a great job and we all are helping here.


The weekend after the parade, I went with together with our swim Team to Frisco, wich is close to Dallas.

Not everyone who is in the swim Team, had been allowed to come but luckily I was.

We started after school on a Thursday, more than three hours in a car with my team have been very funny.

We arrived in the evening, ate Sushi  together, and then went to the Hotel where I slept very well.

The next morning we all had breakfast together  and then went to bed to get ready for the next day.

Many Teams were there and we had to wait a very long time.

After we all swam, we immediately went to the mall.

Once in the mall, we visited the Cheesecake Factory,

I can tell you this has been the best food I have ever eaten and the cheesecake was simply indescribable.

A piece costs about 10 dollar, this is really expensive, but every member of our team has ordered a different flavor and everyone tried each, that we could have several cakes and very many impressions.

After dinner we went Shopping, and after shopping, we went back to our Hotel.

Next morning, we went to the competition and in the evening back to Huntsville.


Shortly before Christmas, our whole school was decorated everything was full of decoration and in each room has been a Christmas tree.

Our swim team had a Christmas Party, we all went to a Bowling Center. This evening was really nice and I really like my swim team.DSCN0077

On the last day of school we  have had a fun day, where we could go for example to a talent show, it was just funny.







Christmas is also quite different.

At 24.12 I briefly celebrated with my family in Germany and we even sang together. It was very nice and I miss my Family alot but I am also happy that I have such a great host Family, they are amazing.

In the evening we went to  church and we baked  some German cookies, even if they have tasted different because of the other Units, they still tasted great (decoration is everything hahah).




At 25.12 I was the first person who was awake, so I stayed in my bed  and waited for my host sisters who  jumped  on me  because they have been totaly happy that we have Christmas.

But it was very hot for Christmas, we have had 27 degrees.


I have got  many gifts and I do not know how this should fit in my suitcase.




In the evening we went to a restaurant and I have had a burger, it is so typical for America.

On another Weekend, we went to my host father’s parents‘ house. We also celebrated Christmas with them, it was so nice.

Furthernmore we celebrated Christmas with the Family of my host Mum, we went to Texas Roadhouse, I have been allowed to throw peanuts on the ground and then after this we got our presents and played a very funny game.

And the lights in Huntsville are so amazing. 🙂




The new Year

At 31.12 I was invited to a party, but in Germany.

All my friends have gone to this party and I wanted to go there ,too.

Of course i wanted to spend time with my friends. But there are many miles between me and my friends in Germany.

Skype has made it possible, we skyped together and I am looking forward to this year, when we really celebrate.

at 23:30 clock I called my family on Skype, have a little talk with them and of course I celebrated  the new year with them.

I had a glass of water in my hand and I together with my host sister and my family in Germany, we had the countdown together, it was so funny and AMAZING (Love you).


The party started at 8p.m, here in America, we have  had a huge campfire and also a BBQ, it was really cool and worth the experience.



DSCN0222 DSCN0231

At 24.00 clock we all said Happy New Year then did our fireworks.

Somone  broke the only lighter that we have had  and so we started to throw the fireworks in the campfire…… it was very dangerous……



I can´t  really realize that we have 2016 because I know that I am going to be back home in Germany in 165 days.

It is so crazy to know that and I really enjoy the time here and it will be over before I know it

I should like to once again thank also ELE that I got pocket money scholarship.



Hey, ich bin Kim und komme aus Gelsenkirchen. Für mich erfüllt sich am 21.08.2015 ein großer Traum, den ich schon sehr lange habe. Ich darf für 1 Jahr in Amerika leben!!!! ;)