Jun 262012

Nun ist mein Austauschjahr auch schon vorbei, leider. Morgen geht es mit dem Flieger wieder zurueck nach Deutschland. Ich hoffe, dass ich den 17-stuendigen Flug ueberleben werde und das alles gut mit meinem Gepaeck verlaufen wird. Ich hatte eine wunderschoene Zeit hier und bin traurig, dass ich morgen schon die Staaten verlassen muss. Seit dem 4. Juni habe ich Sommerferien hier in Minnesota und diese waren bis jetzt auch ziemlich schoen. Die Sonne schien oft und Regen hatten wir nicht allzu viel. Ich konnte oft zum Strand gehen und im See schwimmen. Ich bin mit Freunden Tubing gegangen und Kanu gefahren, was auch eine Menge Spass gemacht hat.

Am 3. Juni hatten wir Graduation. Ich war wirklich sehr aufgeregt, weil die ganze Sporthalle war voll mit Schuelern und Eltern sowie Freunden und Verwandten. Hat aber alles sehr gut geklappt. Hier ein paar Bilder:

Eine Woche spaeter hatten meine Familie und ich gemeinsam mit 2 anderen Austausch schuelern und deren Familien eine Graduation/ Goodbye Party geplant. Ich war wirklich froh, dass so viele bei der Party erschienen sind. Ob Freunde, Familie, Lehrer, Verwandte, Schueler oder einfach Leute von der Kirche kamen vorbei um zu gratulieren sowie auf wiedersehen zu sagen. Es war eine erfolgreiche Abschiedsfeier, die mir nochmal gezeigt hat wie gern ich Litchfield doch mag und das ich auf jeden Fall zurueck kommen werde um meine Gastfamilie und Freunde zu besuchen.

Da war’s auch schon. Ich kann jedem empfehlen einen Auslandsjahr zu machen, der genug Mut hat und etwas Neues kennenlernen will. Ich habe viel gelernt und mehr Selbstbewusstsein bekommen. Diese 10 Monate haben mir geholfen erwachsener zu werden und mich selbst zu finden. Ich bin stolz, dass ich alles sogut gemeistert habe. Ich werde meine Freunde und besonders meine Gastfamilie sehr vermissen. Ich habe nun ein 2. Zuhause und bin wirklich froh, dass ich dort immer willkommen bin. Ich werde auf jeden Fall nach Litchfield zurueck kommen. Hoffentlich schon naechstes Jahr. Ausserdem moechte ich mich gerne bei allen bedanken, die mich waehrend dieses Auslandsjahres unterstuetzt haben und mir meinen Wunsch erfuellt haben. Ein dickes Dankeschoen auch an ELE. Ich hab mich sehr ueber das Stipendium gefreut und bin froh, dass ich mich letztes Jahr beworben habe. Es hat mir eine Menge Spass gemacht diesen Blog zu schreiben und von meinem Auslandsjahr zu berichten.

Liebe Gruesse,




Jun 262012

Here I am again! The last two months were so busy/awesome that I couldn’t really find time to write. So now I really have to catch up. It is actually tough to remember everything in a chronicle order and I try to involve only the major events. Nevertheless there is still so much to talk about that it’s better to make two parts.

Besides skiing and all the different activities we did in Adventure Tourism, I also had a great kayak experience. My Adventure Tourism teacher came up with it. There were some TRU students to be tested as kayak instructors and they needed some real students for that. Of course I volunteered. I wouldn’t let such a chance pass by. I didn’t even have to pay anything and got two full days of kayaking on the Adams River. Do you remember the Adams River? That’s where the Salmon Run takes place every year.


So I skipped school for two days and went to TRU at around 7 30 to get all my equipment ready. I was the youngest person there which didn’t really surprise me. There were actually more instructors than students but that made it even better. The first day was a bit rainy and we only did some basic stuff. We went over all the different techniques and in the end I was even pretty good in going straight forward.


The second day was better. We went down the Adams River which was considered to have a difficulty of level two. It is just one level higher than a canal or a calm river but it was still quite challenging for me. I went through some rapids and it was just so much fun. I was very proud of myself that I managed the challenging parts without tipping over. I just tipped over at the very end and it was soooo cold but the two days were really worth it.


The weekend after we went to a fundraiser dinner from the Rotary club. The theme of the evening was a murder mystery with real actors and clues which you could win from games like the wheel of luck. My table ended up winning which was a big surprise and we received lots of prices like wine, coupons and tickets for next year. It was just a great evening, but it made me sad that I won’t be there next year.

School wasn’t really exciting those days. Besides rock climbing and a couple other activities in Adventure Tourism there was nothing special. Drama is my favorite subject now. It is always a lot of fun even if I’m not that talented. I really like Physics as well and English is alright. We just finished Macbeth which is not really my favorite.

With the beginning of Spring the tennis season started. Of course I tried out for the school team and made it in pretty easily, since most guys aren’t really playing tennis. I also leveled up in my lessons and play now with some really good guys. Because of the teacher strike there aren’t many tennis teams. Our coach for example isn’t a teacher but a father of one of our players.


That’s why we had only one game before the first important tournament the Okanagans. We easily won all our games and went straight to the final where we lost against OKM from Kelowna, which was okay because we were already qualified for Provincials at that point of time.

On May long weekend I went to a camp at Sorrento center which is located right at the Shuswap Lake. We did lots of fun stuff like campfires, singing, sports and other activities. There were lots of friends from the youthgroup I’m going to and also some other great people I met on another weekend I had in Penticton last fall.

The Tennis Provincials took place in Vancouver. Our team took the school bus down there together with another school from Kamloops. Everybody was really excited. We stayed in a decent Motel in Burnaby which is about 20 km away from the real downtown Vancouver. We went to the opening ceremonies and after that we had way too few sleep. The next day I played all four possible matches. Well the matches consist out of a single set which I really didn’t like.

There are eleven matches between the two opposite teams. There is a singles, an A-double and a B-double which are each playing against the two doubles of the other team. All those games are played boys against boys and girls against girls. The probably most important game is the mixed doubles for our team, because most of the time our guys won everything and our girls lost everything. Don’t get me wrong. Our girls fought and were pretty good considering that most of them started this year.

Our guys were all pretty good. We had four high performance players and two other pretty good guys and even the other two guys did really well. I myself played eight games as A-doubles and won seven of them. Ironically I played my best tennis when I lost that one game. I don’t really know why we lost in the end, because our opponents weren’t that good, but it didn’t really matter because we already lost 6 matches against their team.

In the end we became seventh which isn’t as good as we hoped but it was a decent result. I had some great moments playing with different partners and also got to watch some really good games. Two games were especially awesome. Our singles player Zach who is one of the best players in whole BC was involved in both.

The first game he was playing against another guy from Italy or so. It was a close match where I actually thought that Zach was dominating. I couldn’t really watch all of it because I had a game myself. Anyway Zach won in the tie break and the level of the whole game is extreme high. I would have won maybe five points against any of those two.

The second game was even more exciting. It was the last game we had and also a really important one. It was the final mixed doubles, because the score was five to five. Zach played pretty much alone against both players. Our girl left the court after doing her duty of returning or serving. The level was really high once again and at some points Zach just destroyed them. In the end it was still very close. Our team won with 8 to 6 in another tie break.


Okay that was part number one. School just ended for me and it is hard to realize that I’m going to be back in Germany in only three weeks. It seems like yesterday that I left my family behind at the airport.